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Drawing inspiration from the serene vibes of summer and the sophistication of the Hamptons, Harborsides was born to encapsulate a lifestyle centered on effortless elegance. At our core lies a timeless essential for every woman: the flat shoe.

Our Harborsides flats are meticulously crafted to enhance any ensemble, ensuring both style and comfort for your everyday journeys, no matter where they may lead.

With a legacy spanning five decades, our mission remains unchanged: to produce footwear that embodies elegance, versatility, comfort, and affordability.

We’re here for all of your adventures. Wander comfortably.

Harborsides shoes feature:


Crafted from vegan-sourced materials, our shoes prioritize both style and ethics in every step you take.

Flexible Outsoles

Experience unmatched comfort as our flexible outsoles seamlessly adapt to your movements, providing a dynamic and supportive experience like no other.

Memory Foam Cushion Insole

Indulge in unparalleled comfort with our shoes' memory foam cushioned insole, delivering enduring support and a personalized fit with each step you take.

Wide Widths Selection

Find the perfect fit with our wide width selections, guaranteeing comfort and style for feet of all shapes and sizes.

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